Stomach Tumor Symptom

What is Stomach Tumor Symptom?

Tumor in the stomach is a deadly disease. It is difficult in effect from the beginning. When a stomach tumor first develops and is small, it usually causes no symptoms. Some do not cause symptoms until they are quite advanced. Initial symptoms may include:

    • Indigestion, acidity and burping

Indigestion, acidity and burping is the early symptom of stomach tumor. Many people diagnosed with stomach tumor have had symptoms like these a years. Most of the people going to the doctor with indigestion and burping have tumor.

    • Feeling full

The people who have stomach tumor will be feeling full up sooner than usual when eating meals. If this leads to eating less over a period of time, then the people will start to lose weight.

    • Bleeding and feeling tired or breathless

Bleed in the stomach is early symptom of stomach tumor. Losing blood over a period of time can make the people anaemic. This is because the red blood cell count is too low. Then, anemia makes people look pale and feel tired. Other than that, if the people are very anaemic then they also feel breathless.

    • Blood clots

Usually people with stomach tumor are more likely to get blood clots. If people have pain or swelling in a leg or sudden chest pain and breathlessness then they also could have a blood clot in leg or lung. People need to meet a doctor and need immediate anti-clotting medicines.

    • Lack of appetite and weight loss

Losing appetite and losing weight are often later symptoms and can be a sign that the tumor is more advanced. Although some people with early stomach tumor lose their appetite too.

    • Fluid in the abdomen

It may be possible for a doctor to feel lump in the tummy (abdomen) with an advanced tumor. Some people with advanced stomach tumor develop fluid in the abdomen. This is called ascites.

    • Blood in stool

Some people have a vomiting but some of people will have the blood in stool. The blood goes through digestive system. This can make bowel movements look black.



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